The Autism Centre of Excellence (ACE) is an initiative of The Special Child Trust to transform the autism education landscape in India by building a not-for-profit center for high quality research based education that trains teachers and educates children...
Autism - A Global Challenge
3 May' 2013
The Special Child Trust brings Vincent Strully to India fro the first time. Mr. Strully is the founder of NECC and a leader in autism intervention. Founded in 1975, NECC is a global leader in autism research & intervention.
A film dealing with autism
Special Child
Fundraiser in New York, June 2009

The Special Child Trust and Books for Peace Foundation jointly hosted a fundraiser at the Aicon Gallery in New York, on Monday, 29th June 2009.

The event was attended by over 150 people with the aim of raising awareness, and to urge the general community to come forward and help alleviate the dire situation of special needs children in India.

Proceeds collected will be used to further our current endeavours in this field and embark on new and effective initiatives to make a difference one child at a time!

About Books for Peace Foundation: Books for Peace foundation is a non-profit charitable trust. The organization was founded as a response to the profound crisis of education in Pakistan. Their mission is to promote quality progressive education as a fundamental human right in underserved and fragile regions of Pakistan.

About The Aicon Gallery: The Aicon Gallery is a contemporary art gallery with a focus on providing a platform for new art from India and Pakistan. From its online inception to its current presence on both coasts of the United States and in Europe, the gallery has helped establish contemporary art from South Asia firmly amidst progressive art from all over the world.

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