The Autism Centre of Excellence (ACE) is an initiative of The Special Child Trust to transform the autism education landscape in India by building a not-for-profit center for high quality research based education that trains teachers and educates children...
Autism - A Global Challenge
3 May' 2013
The Special Child Trust brings Vincent Strully to India fro the first time. Mr. Strully is the founder of NECC and a leader in autism intervention. Founded in 1975, NECC is a global leader in autism research & intervention.
A film dealing with autism
Special Child
School Bus for AFA, August 2009

Established in 1991, Action For Autism (AFA) is the pioneering non-profit, education, training and advocacy organization that works to support children and adults with autism spectrum disorders in South Asia.
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Children with autism at AFA travel long distances from various parts of Delhi and adjoining states. Moreover, a majority of these children come from families where the parents do not have the time or the resources to personally take them to AFA on a daily basis. Thus, a school bus would not only help these children and their families, but will also allow more families affected with autism to avail of the facilities offered by AFA.

The Special Child Trust donated a 32 seat CNG school bus to AFA on 29th August 2009.

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