The Autism Centre of Excellence (ACE) is an initiative of The Special Child Trust to transform the autism education landscape in India by building a not-for-profit center for high quality research based education that trains teachers and educates children...
Autism - A Global Challenge
3 May' 2013
The Special Child Trust brings Vincent Strully to India fro the first time. Mr. Strully is the founder of NECC and a leader in autism intervention. Founded in 1975, NECC is a global leader in autism research & intervention.
A film dealing with autism
Special Child

There are a number of ways by which you can support us in our efforts.

Volunteer at a number of organizations that deal with special children. Please contact us for further details on, if you are interested.
Be a part of our Awareness Campaign. We would be more than happy to mail you a copy of our Special Needs Movie on DVD, and our car stickers and bookmarks for personal use and further distribution. For this, please register now!
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