The Autism Centre of Excellence (ACE) is an initiative of The Special Child Trust to transform the autism education landscape in India by building a not-for-profit center for high quality research based education that trains teachers and educates children...
Autism - A Global Challenge
3 May' 2013
The Special Child Trust brings Vincent Strully to India fro the first time. Mr. Strully is the founder of NECC and a leader in autism intervention. Founded in 1975, NECC is a global leader in autism research & intervention.
A film dealing with autism
Special Child

We would like to introduce some key people who have come forward and offered to support the trust and its initiatives.

Mr. Ramanathan and Mr. Snehanshu, TEAM Architects

Mr. Samir Saran, Reliance Industries

Mr. Salil Chaturvedi, Provogue and Prozone.

Mr. Sushant Chabbra, Unitech Machines

Mr. Arvind Kapur, Rico Auto

Ms. Meghna Gulzar

Ms. Rekha Pamani Gulati and Ms. Payal from Yellow Resources

Mr. Adeesh Mehra, Chartered Accountant

Ms. Simi Nallaseth, Graphic Designer

Mr. Neel Raheja, K. Raheja Corporation

Ms. Priya Paul, Park Hotels

Mr. M.K. Venu, Economic Times

Ms. Ambreen Khan, Indian Express

Ms. Merry Barua and Rita Sabharwal, Action for Autism

Ms. Sushmita Mitra, Vasant Valley School

Ms. Birinder Kalra, Vasant Valley Schol

Ms. Aparna Kakrania and Team, Design Dimensions

Design Dimensions