The Autism Centre of Excellence (ACE) is an initiative of The Special Child Trust to transform the autism education landscape in India by building a not-for-profit center for high quality research based education that trains teachers and educates children...
Autism - A Global Challenge
3 May' 2013
The Special Child Trust brings Vincent Strully to India fro the first time. Mr. Strully is the founder of NECC and a leader in autism intervention. Founded in 1975, NECC is a global leader in autism research & intervention.
A film dealing with autism
Special Child

As part of The Special Child Trust's ongoing commitment to this cause, we have made a short movie/documentary on special needs.

Director Meghna Gulzar has been the guiding force behind this endeavour.

This 15-20 minute film is an integral part of our awareness campaign and will clearly articulate the challenges faced by children and families with special needs.

It provides information on the signs and symptoms of special needs and highlights the importance of early diagnosis and interventions.

Through this initiative, we also hope to sensitize the general community to this cause, and inform them about various facilities that are available that can help a special child to live a life as close to normal as possible.


"Starting with a recitation of a poem (written by Gulzar), describing the world from the point of view of an Autistic child – what he/she imagines when he sees the day to day things that we see, where his mind wanders when he spins in endless circles, what does he hear when we call out his name, who does he see, when his mother/father smiles at him...


The film helps explode some myths which impede the parents seeking help for their special kids:

"Boys begin talking later than girls..."
"Even his grandfather started walking late..."
"Maybe he has a problem in hearing..."

The film helps shed some light on the paths parents can take in their journey to help develop an autistic child.

It provides information which is helpful for teachers, medical practitioners and parents to deal with the severe daily life conditions that are created when dealing with an autistic child.


The film shines some light on diagnosis, treatment and different forms of assistance available.

Though there is no known cure for autism, the primary goal of the film is to show that a child with Autism can live as close to a normal life as possible – beginning with his school, the teaching methods used to teach special children, tips for parents and family members to relate to a child with Autism, as well as vocational options for the future.

It also addresses some of the questions that haunt every parent with an autistic child -

"Will they ever recover?"
"Will he/she speak?"
"Can they live a normal life?"
"Can they get married?"

  • The DVDs are available at all the Crossword and Oxford bookstore outlets. It is also being distributed among the Indian Association of Paediatrics, which has a panel of around 18,000 doctors.

  • There is a tremendous lack of awareness and misunderstanding about autism and other learning disabilities among medical professionals, who may either misdiagnose or under diagnose the condition. We are trying to bridge this gap by distributing the movie on DVDs to over 5,000 members of the medical community (paediatricians, general physicians, psychologists, psychiatrists and therapists) across the nation.

  • The needs of special children in India are not being met in either the regular or special education systems due to lack of trained special educators and therapists. DVDs are circulated to regular and special needs schools in hope of educating teachers, making them aware of available therapies and related services, thereby facilitating the integration of special children with the mainstream environment.

  • The film is also being distributed amongst all related governmental and regulatory bodies urging them to recognize the severity of this disability and the urgent need to create sustainable educational institutions, homes and centers for these children when they become adults.

  • The film is also being distributed across all medical colleges urging them to incorporate special needs as a core curriculum in their syllabus, and to continuously import teaching programs and developed research regarding these conditions from around the world.

  • Awareness also needs to be created in order to sensitize the general community and families of special children who often ostracize and abandon special children due to social and economic factors. For this purpose, a shorter version (2-3 minutes) of the movie will be made and screened during trailers and interval commercials in movie halls, as commercials on popular television channels, on related medical shows, and on various documentary channels.

Through this endeavour we hope to sensitize the society to the unique challenges faced by these children and their families, and to help them assimilate into mainstream community settings with ease.

If you have any suggestions or ideas for the distribution of this movie, and are willing to come forward and help us, please do contact us on

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